Partners Human Resources and Payroll

Why would anyone use Partners HR?


Let’s face it.  Handling payroll, reviewing benefits, complying with government regulations and dealing with employee issues isn’t what you had in mind when you started your business.  As a business owner, you know that dealing with all of the “HUMAN” issues in your company is vital, but admit it…you hate it…and consider it a necessary evil.  

In a perfect world… what if you had a way to manage human capital (your employees) in your business generating more profit, helping to contain costs and control turnover.  It might be a different story…As an owner you might begin to see human resource functions as a strategic part of your organization that could manage your single largest expense and most important asset - people.

The Small Business Administration estimates that most small business owners spend up to 25% of their time on employee-related paperwork. Additionally, smaller companies are less likely to have a full time HR professional.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) offer businesses the opportunity to reduce liability, control costs and attract and retain the best employees.

As a leader in the PEO industry, Partners believes in partnerships…thus our name.  The bond that is formed between your company and Partners is important to the success of both businesses.  By offering your employees access to world-class administrative services you can reduce turnover, improve productivity, generate more profit and spend time on the things that caused you to start your business.

What is a PEO?

A PEO is an administrative service provider that acts as employer of record relieving companies of many of their administrative burdens, while providing payroll administration, superior benefits, risk management services and human resources expertise. 

In a co-employment relationship, you continue to maintain direction and control over the daily activities of your employees and the decisions that affect your bottom line.  What you are giving up are many of the back-office administrative tasks and human resource issues involved with running a business.  This allows you to focus more of the time and energy of your employees on revenue producing activities, reducing the cost and labor burden of administrative issues.

We can help you as a business owner focus on what you know best - running your business. 

What can a PEO offer to you as an employer and/or owner?


Increased employee administration duties is a natural part of a growing business but the adherent administrative burden can be daunting for internal staff. Let our hands-on experts provide the processes and follow-through for all employee-related transactions so your staff can focus its energy on building the future of your business. Our solutions free your office from laborious and time-consuming administrative duties while leaving you solidly in control. We offer help in the following categories:

  • Payroll Processing, including all tax processing of FICA, FUTA & SUTA.
  • Garnishments
  • Employment Verification
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Accounting Oversight & Review
  • Compliance Relief
  • Government Compliance
  • Workers Comp Audit Representation
  • Quarterly Tax Reporting

Business protection begins with governmental compliance, and the ever-changing world of regulations makes it increasingly difficult to stay abreast of requirements. Partner’s team of practical experts provides a single, reliable resource for translating laws and regulations into real-world, actionable practices that protect your business without inhibiting growth.

  • Government Compliance Reporting
  • OSHA and Safety Services
  • EEOC Administration
  • Unemployment Claims Administration
  • Compliance Training

Employer Liability Management

The right policies go a long way toward eliminating many employer liability risks, shielding you from potential financial vulnerability. With our solutions, you not only get help in creating needed policies, you get guidance on managing your employer obligations more effectively.

  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Claim Resolution
  • Employment Practice Risk Management Procedures
  • Safety Review
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Termination Assistance
  • Employee Relations
  • Liability Management Training



Finding top performers that fit your company culture is paramount in ensuring high job satisfaction and retention rates. Our unique service team approach serves the entire the employee life cycle starting with essential functions including recruiting, screening, and selecting talent.

  • Applicant Review and Screening
  • Compensation Review
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Employee Assessments
  • Performance Management


Offering access to differentiated benefits is key to creating a “total package” that helps attract and retain talent. Our clients have access to benefits and retirement plans normally associated with large organizations at prices accessible to smaller companies.  You get value beyond great benefits.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance plans
  • Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program
  • Disability Insurance

Why should we change from the way that we are doing it now?

Partners is committed to providing world class services through our experienced team members and advanced technology.  In summary, if you choose to outsource with Partners you will get:

  • Reduced expenses through outsourcing non-core business functions
  • More time to focus on generating new business instead of being consumed with running it
  • Direct access to professional guidance through a dedicated staff.
  • Expanded benefits to aid in employee recruiting and retention
  • State-of-the-art HRIS system providing access for employees, managers, new hires and applicants
  • Transfer of certain employment related liabilities
  • Relief from daily paperwork and recordkeeping administration
  • Professional training seminars on a variety of topics

Your employee’s will get:

  • An HRIS system that allows access to payroll, benefits, personal data, vacation and sick time accrual, specialized reports, etc.
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Section 125 plan/flexible spending accounts
  • Comprehensive insurance benefits with efficient claims processing
  • Payroll on time and accurate
  • Professional assistance with employment related issues
  • Easy-to-read employee handbooks, policies and procedures

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