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Small Business Strategies to Survive Soaring Salary Inflation

A year ago the think tank the Conference Board surveyed American businesses and found that companies--  facing the gauntlet of rising inflation and a historically tight labor market – were setting aside 3.9 percent of their 2022 payroll bud...

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It’s That Time Again: Updating Your Year-End 2022 HR Checklist

Dusting off the year-end HR checklist is a good sign for most small and medium-sized business owners as 2022 has been one of the most challe...
Supreme Court

HR and the Latest Legislative Changes

“Employers that are considering offering abortion-related benefits, such as out-of-state travel to a jurisdiction where abortion laws are mo...
HR - Human Resources

Win-Win: PEOs Benefit Both Employers and Employees

Many small and mid-size business (SMB) employers and their employees could use a win these days after more than two years of uncertainty tha...
Keep Learning written on rural road

Importance of Continuous Learning on Employee Wellness, Career Advancement

Employers and employees both agree that continuous learning can have a positive impact on employee wellness and career advancement, as well ...