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IRS Raises Standard Mileage Rates for 2022

Now that your 2021 taxes are officially filed, it is not too early to start thinking about next year’s 2022 tax return.

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Cash money with the word Inflation on top

Inflation is No Longer Transitory: How Consumers are Reacting

Forbes reported in December that U.S. economic officials were finally admitting that inflation was not ‘transitory’ and since then things ha...
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Accentuate the Positive: How Stay Interviews Stave Off Exit Interviews

Businesses might want to toss the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality into the dustbin when it comes to your employees and how they ...
young businesswoman and many question marks around

Understanding the Shifting Federal “Independent Contractor” Rules

Businesses can be forgiven if there is confusion surrounding guidelines concerning the classification of workers as independent contractors ...
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Keep Calm and Carry On: Organizational Stability in an Uncertain World

Businesses in 2022 could use a good dose of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” spirit and leadership which led the British people through the dark...
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Workplace Guidelines: Handling Employee Grievances

It is unrealistic to expect that your employees will never have any complaints about their jobs or workplace conditions. It is realistic, ho...
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8 Urgent Steps Your Business Should Take to Protect Against Cyberattacks

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the response by the United States and other Western allies has prompted fears of a massive cyberwar with Am...
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Importance of Continuous Learning on Employee Wellness, Career Advancement

Employers and employees both agree that continuous learning can have a positive impact on employee wellness and career advancement, as well ...
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How to Counter Employee Burnout

When it comes to employee burnout, the numbers speak for themselves, with 86 percent of U.S. employers saying that mental health, stress, an...
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Inflation Balancing Act: Businesses Must Move Wages & Revenue in Tandem

Business owners are facing an issue many have not experienced in their lifetime as inflation reached its highest level since 1982 with consu...